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Our company employed the services of Grand Organisers to help  organise our office space and computer filing systems. These were issues that urgently needed attention so we decided to outsource the job in the hope that it would be done quickly, efficiently and professionally. We were not disappointed. We had looked at a variety of possible service providers to carry out the work, but after speaking directly to Grand Organisers and explaining our requirements, we knew this was the right provider to go with. We are extremely pleased with the result and would urge any business to hire Grand Organisers in the future.  10/10 Grand Organisers - thank you!

Grand Organisers Commercial Client, London

I can sum Nina up in one word - professional. We have been a two-person household in crisis for a few years now: my husband has the beginnings of Alzheimer's and I have somewhat limited mobility; we couldn't easily clean our house because it was so untidy, and the clutter was threatening to engulf us. Nina spent four days with us - the rescuing of the house is by no means complete yet, as there are six rooms in chaos, but she worked like a dynamo: cleaned corners and cupboards and organised clothes, books, papers and "things" in the two main rooms, helped us slightly rearrange the layout so that we can now walk from one end of our living room to the other (yes, it was that bad!). She advised us and encouraged us about keeping, discarding and donating items, and has really given us a good kick-start to carry on with the process ourselves. It's slow going on our own, but we feel we will get there now that we have learnt to apply what I call "The Nina Process". 

Grand Organisers Client, Cambridge

What can I say apart from; what a wonderful job. At last a chaotic guest bedroom restored to it's former glory.
Nina organised me, helping me to make choices and decisions which, without her help I would have found so difficult.  After losing a loved one last year, my spare bedroom had become full of furniture, clothing and paperwork which I did not want to tackle. It is so difficult to motivate oneself after losing someone close to you but Nina got me sorted. I found the services of Grand Organisers to be reliable, honest and trustworthy. I am now in a position to start inviting friends and family to stay once again. Well done and thank you.

Grand Organisers Client, Suffolk

My family and I recently returned to the UK after living abroad for some years. The task of unpacking and sorting through everything was overwhelming. I enlisted the help of Grand Organisers - To my joy they were extremely efficient and methodical. It made my life so much easier and a job that would’ve taken me a few months to do was carried out in 2 days.

Grand Organisers Client, London

After having a shoulder operation, I found it especially difficult to access the items in my lower level kitchen cupboards. I enlisted the assistance of Grand Organisers to help me come up with a system that worked more easily for me. Not only did they come up with a variety of suggestions, they also helped me sort through bits and bobs I had ben storing in the cupboards for years and years – 14 vases, 2 coffee makers, 3 food mixers, 4 full bottles of White Spirit, more washing up sponges than I care to admit to, 3 lots of carpet cleaner (I have wood flooring throughout my home) - to name just a few things. Grand Organisers made a fantastic job of cleaning the cupboards, down-sizing their contents and putting larger, heaver items into clear plastic boxes which made it easier for me to see what was in each box, as well as being able to pull each box out to gain access rather than getting on my hands and knees and over-stretching to find what I needed. Great job well done – highly recommended! 

Grand Organisers Client, Hertfordshire

Thank you, thank you, thank you Grand Organisers. The loft area in my house had been a bone of contention with my husband for some time. It was full of items I had been hoarding away slowly over the years. Large amounts of un-worn clothing, shoes and accessories, our grown up children’s old toys, my late grandparent’s possessions etc. To me that was what a loft was for, to store things in. However my husband felt that there was so much stored in our loft he was worried that the ceilings would not take the weight as I put more and more items up there. He suggested that I employ a de-clutterer to help me sort through everything. At first I was very reluctant as I didn’t want to feel rushed in sorting my things out. However, after some persuasion I decided to take the plunge. Grand Organisers made me feel comfortable right from the first telephone conversation I had with them. I was made to feel that this was a service that could really help me. There would be no immense pressure on me to get rid of everything, but they would go through each item with me to help me rationalise what I was keeping and why. At the end of the clear out I realised I had habitually kept things and stored them in the loft automatically, without giving each item a thought as to why I was actually keeping it. The amount of items I was happy to get rid of or donate surprised me no end and made me feel so pleased with the whole experience. 

Grand Organisers Client, Essex

I wanted to take some time to thank Grand Organisers for helping me organise my kids bedroom, from clothes, shoes and books plus everything in between. I’ve never felt so well organised and prepared for the coming months. All currently used clothes are in age order and new clothes are packed away but easily accessible when the time is right. I’m so happy with the service and would highly recommend this company to busy mums everywhere!

Grand Organisers Client, London