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Grand Organisers Client, Suffolk:  Finding Nina has been such a relief for our family home. I cannot recommend her more highly to anyone seeking the sanity that comes from having a decluttered and organised house. Our home was full with things we needed, things I thought we needed and things I knew we did not need but could not face getting rid of. The task to regain some kind of control was so daunting, that it was put off, until it just became too stressful to live in the chaos anymore. When we first contacted Nina I was nervous and very embarrassed to let someone into our home. Nina instantly put me at ease, she was not fazed by our dump rooms and junk cupboards, and she made me feel no shame at all. She is a kind, genuine and sensitive person who makes decluttering easy and enjoyable. I had been worried about having to get rid of things I wanted to keep but, by working through everything with Nina, it became obvious what we needed to keep, and where it should go, and what we did not need. It is incredibly satisfying to find a logical place for something that is needed and then sending a car full of things, that we don’t need, off to charity. A day with Nina leaves you with a great sense of achievement and a willingness to carry on being proactive. She has such a wonderful way about her and most importantly she gets the job done. Thank you so much Nina! 

Grand Organisers Client, Essex
Nina came to help me at a point where I thought things where slipping out of control!  Since having my baby the spare room had become a dumping ground and other areas of the house were following suit. I barely found time to keep on top of daily chores let alone tackle the jobs that had been there since who knows when. Nina came in and assessed the situation before methodically working though drawers and bags and shelves full of random stuff, paperwork and sentimental keepsakes. She even managed to find a method for sorting my husband’s multiple broken phones, old keys and redundant course work. Nina not only helped me stay focussed but she took the worry out of it all by taking bags of donations, rubbish and recycling with her at the end of the day. Nina was so easy to get along with it was like having a friend come by to help out. I’m hoping to have her back soon to tackle other problem areas.

Grand Organisers Client, Suffolk: Everyone needs a visit from Grand Organisers at least once! I have already had 3 visits for different rooms in my house that needed some serious decluttering and am now planning on booking Nina again to help me restore some order to the upstairs of my house too! Initially Nina assisted me when we were having a new kitchen fitted and I needed help with clearing out kitchen cupboards that were crammed with things that hadn't seen the light of day for a decade. She successfully helped me to donate or recycle pretty much everything making things so much easier once our new kitchen was in. She then helped with an overstuffed linen cupboard and 2 dressers that I had been avoiding tackling for years. It can sometimes be a daunting task to make the decision to let an item go but Nina made the whole process easy and in fact enjoyable. She is such a pleasant and friendly person that I felt immediately at ease in her company and am looking forward to the next Grand Organisers grand clear out!

Grand Organisers Commercial Client, London: Our company employed the services of Grand Organisers to help organise our office space and computer filing systems. These were issues that urgently needed attention so we decided to outsource the job in the hope that it would be done quickly, efficiently and professionally. We were not disappointed. We had looked at a variety of possible service providers to carry out the work, but after speaking directly to Grand Organisers and explaining our requirements, we knew this was the right provider to go with. We are extremely pleased with the result and would urge any business to hire Grand Organisers in the future.  10/10 Grand Organisers - thank you!

Grand Organisers Client, Cambridge: I can sum Nina up in one word - professional. We have been a two-person household in crisis for a few years now: my husband has the beginnings of Alzheimer's and I have somewhat limited mobility; we couldn't easily clean our house because it was so untidy, and the clutter was threatening to engulf us. Nina spent four days with us - the rescuing of the house is by no means complete yet, as there are six rooms in chaos, but she worked like a dynamo: cleaned corners and cupboards and organised clothes, books, papers and "things" in the two main rooms, helped us slightly rearrange the layout so that we can now walk from one end of our living room to the other (yes, it was that bad!). She advised us and encouraged us about keeping, discarding and donating items, and has really given us a good kick-start to carry on with the process ourselves. It's slow going on our own, but we feel we will get there now that we have learnt to apply what I call "The Nina Process". 

Grand Organisers Client, London: My Family and I returned to the UK after living abroad for some years. The task of unpacking and sorting everything was overwhelming. I enlisted the help of Grand Organisers. To my joy they were extremely efficient and methodical. It made my life so much easier and a job that would've taken me a few months to do was carried out in 2 days.

Grand Organisers Client, Hertfordshire: After having a shoulder operation, I found it especially difficult to access the items in my lower level kitchen cupboards. I enlisted the assistance of Grand Organisers to help me come up with a system that worked more easily for me. Not only did they come up with a variety of suggestions, they also helped me sort through bits and bobs I had ben storing in the cupboards for years and years – 14 vases, 2 coffee makers, 3 food mixers, 4 full bottles of White Spirit, more washing up sponges than I care to admit to, 3 lots of carpet cleaner (I have wood flooring throughout my home) - to name just a few things. Grand Organisers made a fantastic job of cleaning the cupboards, down-sizing their contents and putting larger, heaver items into clear plastic boxes which made it easier for me to see what was in each box, as well as being able to pull each box out to gain access rather than getting on my hands and knees and over-stretching to find what I needed. Great job well done – highly recommended!